How CranioSacral Therapy can help with post-vaccination discomfort

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Sore arms, fitful sleep, feeling wired or anxious were some of the symptoms I’ve observed in my clients after they received the 2nd vaccination for Covid-19. My client, Tonya, always has the habit of wearing her Garmin watch which tracks her stress levels. She leads a healthy lifestyle, eating clean and exercises regularly. Her usual level, seen on the May 18 image, measures at 25. On the 19 May, she received her vaccination and saw that the level starts to rise to 36. And she noticed before she came for her session on 20 May, it hit 53.

Her CranioSacral rhythm felt imbalanced as her body was adjusting to the influx of the vaccine. As she is a regular, I could tell that her rhythm was different and way off than her usual. I did the Still-Point technique which is great for calming the nervous system down, almost like a reboot button on the computer. While I usually will do it for 5 mins, this time I stayed longer so that each time she can drop in even deeper. Until I can feel her rhythm change to a more balanced state. I also worked on her calming her adrenals so that that they are relaxed and not making her more activated.

The next day she showed me the image above, her stress levels dropped to a 26. Back to her usual, and she could start running without feeling any strain in her body. We were both excited that Craniosacral therapy helps with her post-vaccination discomfort and symptoms.

Of course, this is a pure anecdotal experience of 1 client and not a scientific report. I am fascinated that someone had tracked the effects of CranioSacral Therapy before and after a vaccination and simply sharing here for the nerds like me.

If you are feeling uncomfortable from the vaccination, please feel free to reach out. I offer a free 30 mins consultation call to see how I may be of service. Till then, take care and stay safe.

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