Just to share a common observation which strikes a chord. 

And today I was struck hard. 

A client came in for chronic neck and shoulder pain initially. She was contemplating MRI and all kinds of scans. 

But she decided to give CranioSacral Therapy a try. 

It was her second session today. 

She said her chest and throat felt stuffy and tight when she came in. Hard to breathe. 

I felt her rhythm. It was off. I was drawn to place my hands next to her left breast. 

I had an inkling of what it was about. 

So I asked,” Is something about the future of your work bothering you?”

She looked surprised. “I am actually planning to leave my job of 25 years. But I don’t know what to do.”

“What do you do for fun in your free time?” I enquired further. 

“Nothing. I’ve been busy with family. Though I used to like arts and craft.” 

“Now that your children are grown up, why don’t you give them a shot again?” I asked again.

“I don’t know where to move on to specifically..” she looked sad. 

At this point my hand was on her chest, near the heart. The chest felt stuck, on lock down. But as we discuss her interest in her needlework, I felt the area relaxing and expanding. She seems happier. 

And then, she started to doubt herself again. “It can’t work out. I am so old already.” 

And I felt the area around the heart contracting again. 


Long story short, I finished the session relaxing her central nervous system. She felt her neck and shoulder pain completely gone. 

And then I gave her a homework for her chest issue. 

30 mins of Me-time everyday. Do something for herself. 

Struck a chord with me because I know what it’s like to give and give to people around me and forgot myself especially after becoming a mother. I was burnt out and had to re-learn how to reconnect with myself. 

I bumped my self-care activities all the way up on my priorities list. That was how I stumbled upon CranioSacral Therapy and eventually learn it. I’m grateful I’m able to use it to improve on others’ lives. 

I hope she will learn to put herself first, it’s not too late. We can love others better when we love ourselves first. 

Choose health. Thrive again.

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